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On February 15,2021, the state of Texas was hit with a Arctic Storm where temperatures fell down to 19 degrees.

The State was unprepared (so they say). As a result of their unpreparedness the people of Texas State was the butt end of mockery by being subjected to having what they call, rolling outages on electricity. Familes and homes had to sustain the horse reality of that Arctic Storm with no electrify....no lights, no heat, and no water.

Lives were lost as people were taking desperate measures to stay warm by running their cars in their garages or firing up their barbecue grills. It was the most heart wrenching and miserable experience in this lifetime.

Check out the podcast: Arctic Storm In Texas and hear my co host (Tootie Julien) and Myself (DJ Que) will be talking about the Arctic Storm that hit Texas.How we were without electricity and water, the loss of lives, damages done done to homes and Senator Ted Cruz Cancun vacation.